Zizhao Wu

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I am an Assistant Professor in the School of Media and Design, at Hangzhou Dianzi University. Before that, I recieved my Ph.D. in Computer Science from Zhejiang University in 2013. From Sep. 2018 to Aug. 2019, I spent one year as the guest researcher in the SVCG group at University of Groningen, Netherlands, under the supervision of Dr. Jiří Kosinka.

My research is in computer graphics and artificial intelligence, with special interests in 3d shape analysis (e.g., segmentation and matching), machine learning (e.g., supervised, semi-supervised, transfer learning), as well as human-computer interaction.

主讲课程:   网站前端开发  |  网站后端开发(PHP)  |  Unity游戏开发

招学生:   本科生  |  研究生


(SCI) Active Co-Segmentation of collections of 3D Shapes with Graph Convolutinal Networks.
Zizhao Wu, Ming Zeng, Feiwei Qin, Yigang Wang, Jiří Kosinka
2019 IEEE Computers Graphics & Application (accepted, TBA)

(EI) A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach for Autonomous Car Racing.
Fenggeng Guo, Zizhao Wu*
2019 Transactions on Edutainment (accepted, TBA)

(EI) A motion-driven system for performing art.
Zizhao Wu, Feiwei Qin, Shi Li ,Yigang Wang
2019 Transactions on Edutainment (accepted, TBA)

(SCI) Joint analysis of shapes and images via deep domain adaptation.
Zizhao Wu, Yunhui Zhang, Ming Zeng, Feiwei Qin, Yigang Wang
2018 Computers & Graphics

(SCI) Fine-grained leukocyte classification with deep residual learning for microscopic images.
Feiwei Qin, Nannan Gao, Yong Peng, Zizhao Wu Shuying Shen, Artur Grudtsin
2018 Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine
Paper · 

(SCI) Integrated Modeling, Simulation, and Visualization for Nanomaterials
Feiwei Qin, Haibin Xia, Yong Peng, Zizhao Wu
2018 Complexity

(EI) Synthesizing Training Images for Semantic Segmentation
Yunhui Zhang, Zizhao Wu, Zhiping Zhou, Yigang Wang:
2018 Chinese Conference on Image and Graphics Technologies
Paper · 

(SCI) Interactive shape co-segmentation via label propagation
Zizhao Wu, Ruyang Shou, Yunhai Wang, Xinguo Liu
2014 Computers & Graphics
paper  · 

(EI) Interactive optimization of near-isometric shape correspondence
Zizhao Wu, Long Zhang, Zixu Yan, Fang Lu, Yigang Wang
2014 Virtual Reality Continuum and its Applications in Industry
Paper · 

(EI) Laplacian Line Drawing Algorithm Based on Difference-of-Gaussian Approximation (in Chinese)
Long Zhang, Zizhao Wu, Yigang Wang
2014 Journal of Computer-Aided Design and Computer Graphics
Paper · 

(SCI) Unsupervised co-segmentation of 3D shapes via affinity aggregation spectral clustering.
Zizhao Wu, Yunhai Wang, Ruyang Shou, Baoquan Chen, Xinguo Liu
2013 Computers & Graphics
Paper · 

(EI) A Unified Spectral Embedding for Shape Correspondence
Zizhao Wu, Ruyang Shou, Xinguo Liu
Paper · 

(EI) Structure Preserving Mesh Parameterization
Zizhao Wu, Xiaoyan Cai, Xinguo Liu
2013 Computer-Aided Design and Computer Graphics
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